Vara NetworkWeb3’s Paradigm Shift

Vara is a fast and scalable Layer-1 decentralized network powered by Gear Protocol. The best playground for developing and running your dApps.

Low transaction costs & gas fee rebates
Low transaction costs & gas fee rebates
Staking Rewards
Staking Rewards
Participatory Governance for Holders
Participatory Governance for Holders
Grants program
Grants program
Free developer courses
Free developer courses

What is Vara best suited for?

Next-generation applications require low-latency execution, high-level memory management, and parallel computation to manage a high load of transactions in a secure and stable manner.

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    Vara is a fast and reliable on-ramp for the next iteration of gaming projects.

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    Payments and financial applications are well suited for Vara's low latency and high transaction throughput.

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    Many others

    Business and experimental use cases including tokenizing real world assets, supply chain management, and more...

Develop and Deploy Decentralized Applications

The IDEA portal is a streamlined smart contract deployment platform that provides developers the most efficient way to write, compile, test and upload their contracts to Vara network directly in-browser.

Vara Advantages

Vara Network is a Substrate-based, PoS Layer-1 decentralized network powered by the Gear Protocol. The first to demonstrate Gear’s innovative technologies, Vara offers the speed and scalability to handle any challenge modern Web3 development presents. Featuring advanced sharding, built-in security, and unmatched transaction efficiency; Vara ignores previous limits set by legacy smart contract platforms, and provides the ideal environment for the next generation of Web3 applications.

  • Actor Model

    A well-known approach used in high frequency parallel computation, this model ensures asynchronous messaging and memory parallelism by design. Ensuring security, anonymity, transaction efficiency and as a result network speed, it stands as on of the core pillars of the Gear Protocol. Want to learn more about how it works? Check our Wiki.

  • Persistent Memory

    The Persistent Memory concept is a novel innovation of the Gear Protocol. It provides an innovative solution to program storage with clever and effective memory virtualization techniques. You can now code regular Web2 programs that run seamlessly on chain. No need to be an expert in blockchain-specific programming. Check our Wiki to find more detailed information.

  • WASM (WebAssembly)

    Offering Native speed execution and support for standard programming languages, WebAssembly has been integrated by Gear to create an environment for fast, secure and flexible execution not just for smart-contracts but for onchian programs. Opening the door to new generation of applications. Sounds interesting? Check Wiki to dive in!

Securing the Vara Network

Become a validator

Validators provide computing resources to keep Vara Network secure, performant and censorship-resistant. This model is incentivized via a PoS rewards mechanism.

Check out technical requirements for validator nodes

Validator Rewards

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    Protocol rewards

    Rewards based on token inflation rate. These rewards are provided in addition to transaction fee income.

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    Staking enables users to earn rewards on their holdings by delegating their stake to validator nodes via a process called nomination.

Support Vara network

There are many other ways to support Vara in addition to dApp development and node validation.

Support us by becoming a nominator, participating in governance decisions, or applying for an ambassador role.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries please check out the Gear Wiki before reaching out for support.

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