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What is the Vara Ambassador Program

The Vara Ambassador Program is designed to provide a platform for the community to accomplish tasks and host discussions to create educational awareness and community engagement around Vara Network and Gear Protocol. The program will also allow us to identify and recognize contributors who have delivered value to the community, and invite others to participate. This initiative is set up and powered by Gear Foundation as a result of your feedback and will of the Gear community itself. This program is designed to enable community members to contribute even more to the adoption of the Vara network and the greater Gear ecosystem.

What are the Different Roles?

The Ambassador Program will initially launch with the roles outlined here. Get involved with whatever you're most interested in. You can participate in more than one role!

These roles may change over time based on a partnership between the Gear community and the Foundation.

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    Event organizer

    Organizing and hosting online or in-person events.

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    Contributing to Github, technical documentation, tutorials, or building within Vara ecosystem.

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    Node runner

    Run a Vara validation node to ensure the security and stability of the net.

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    Localizing content, wikis, web assets, and other materials into their local language.

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