Build your dApp with Vara

Developing smart contracts has never been easier.


Write a smart-contract


Gear Technologies provides a standardized library for building decentralized applications using pre-built and optimized constructs, including arbitrary async/await syntax for any programs built on Rust.

This enables contracts to be written swiftly, so devs spend less time debugging their code and can focus more on the business logic of their applications.

Smart contract examplesGithub

Run your dApp


The IDEA portal is a streamlined smart contract deployment platform that provides developers the most efficient way to write, compile, test and upload their contracts to Vara network directly in-browser.

This application enables all of the possibilities of interaction with smart-contracts in Vara Network, and further allows users to manage their accounts, balances, events and more.

Learn more about IDEA

Implement Application UI


Gear Technologies has introduced the Gear-JS API, that includes a set of utilities, libraries and tools which enable JavaScript applications to interact with smart contracts running on the Vara network.

The JS library provided allows for developing web applications that interact with smart contracts running on chain. It includes a wide variety of examples for applications, demonstrating how they can be used most optimally.

UI implementation examplesGithub


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    Apply for a grant from the Gear Foundation to kickstart your journey building on the Vara Network.

VARA tokens are necessary for decentralized applications to run on the Vara Network. Validator nodes receive fees for program execution and each message sent between actors consumes a small amount of the user’s balance to incentivize validation. See how this works in greater detail by viewing our tokenomics documentation.

Need help?

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    If you have any queries please check out the Vara and Gear Wiki before reaching out for support.

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    Developer Channel on Discord

    You can ask for assistance in the Vara Developer Channel on Discord. The team and other validators are on hand to assist and offer advice based on their collective knowledge.