Ecosystem and Integrations

Welcome to the vibrant world of Web3, where innovation meets opportunity. Through integrations, Vara Network empowers developers to unleash their creativity and revolutionise how we interact with technology.

  • Zenlink image.


    Zenlink is a cross-chain DEX protocol. Its flexible architecture enables fast DEX integration, liquidity sharing and seamless integration with DeFi modules. The DEX Aggregator consolidates liquidity from DApps for optimal trading experiences.

  • Subsquid image.


    Subsquid improves on-chain data access for developers with its modular and decentralized indexing solution. Seamlessly integrating different frameworks, it empowers projects in the Substrate ecosystem.

  • Bounce Finance image.

    Bounce Finance

    Bounce Finance fuels open finance growth, connecting buyers and sellers through efficient auctions. With customizable tools, developers and users explore limitless possibilities.

  • RMRK image.


    RMRK merges five crucial elements into a cohesive system of NFT Legos, enabling creators to build dynamic, cross-chain NFTs. The visionary protocol ensures lasting utility and liquidity.

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    Polkassembly is the top platform for exploring and discussing a governance. Vara Network users can utilize Polkassembly's browser extension for proposal access, discussions and voting.

  • Automata Network image.

    Automata Network

    Automata Network defends against targeted attacks, preserving anonymity and countering phishing threats with community-driven anti-fraud measures.

  • Crust Network image.

    Crust Network

    Crust Network is a decentralized storage and computing platform empowering developers with enhanced accessibility and privacy.

  • SubWallet image.


    SubWallet connects users to blockchain-based applications in the Substarte ecosystem. It supports over 80 networks, offering portfolio tracking, NFT asset management, staking and more.

  • Talisman image.


    Talisman provides a wallet for managing digital assets and accessing Web3 apps. Supported by respected institutions, Talisman promotes active contributions and enables novel use cases.

  • Nova Wallet image.

    Nova Wallet

    Nova Wallet is a mobile wallet for Substrate ecosystem. It supports 65+ networks and assets, including NFTs and dApps for Substrate & EVM.

  • SubQuery Network image.

    SubQuery Network

    SubQuery Network is a (dApp) data infrastructure provider. SubQuery's blockchain developer toolkit enables advanced Web3 app creation, simplifying application building.

  • DIA Data image.

    DIA Data

    DIA xRandom offers verifiable and decentralized random numbers for Web3 applications. It ensures unbiased randomness, utilizes the distributed beacon generated by the League of Entropy, and enables on-chain experiences like lotteries, NFTs, and gaming on Vara.

  • Subscan image.


    Subscan is a blockchain explorer designed for Substrate-based networks. It offers search, analysis and visualisation tools to explore and understand blockchain data. Vara Network developers will benefit from the access to data for improved dApp development.

  • Enkrypt image.


    Enkrypt, an open-source multichain wallet developed by the MEW team, offers secure Web3 access. Vara Network users benefit from seamless asset management while enjoying the established reliability of MEW's Ethereum network accessibility since 2015.


These projects are building on

  • greenscape
  • guardian-protocol
  • 03
  • wasup
  • varaverse
  • thread
  • swaphix
  • rutzo
  • serenium
  • lexpertius

And more in process...

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