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Looking for more ways to get involved?
There are many other ways to support Vara including becoming a nominator, an official ambassador, or participating in network governance.

Will be available as soon as the Vara network is launched

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  • Become a nominator

    VARA holders can be rewarded by staking tokens and nominating validators. Elected validators that produce blocks redistribute rewards to their nominators.

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    Ambassador Program

    The Ambassador Program is an initiative set up by the Gear Foundation to enable individuals from the Gear community to adopt certain roles in expanding the Gear ecosystem. This allows community members to contribute to the widespread adoption of the Gear Protocol by helping expand engagement throughout the entire Polkadot ecosystem.

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    Network proposals

    Participate in governance decision making on Vara Network to create a more secure, robust and decentralized ecosystem.

Need help?

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    If you have any queries please check out the Vara and Gear Wiki before reaching out for support.

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    Nominator Channel on Discord

    You can ask for assistance in the Vara Nominator Channel on Discord. The team and other nominators are on hand to assist and offer advice based on their collective knowledge.